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Transgender Care

Writing referral letters for gender affirming medical care is something I have focused on and had specific training in since 2020. As part of the community, it is a service that brings me joy to provide. Every referral letter I have written has been successful and meets WPATH standards. While there is no requirement for you to continue seeing me therapeutically, nor do I uphold this form of gatekeeping, if you would like to receive EMDR or explore subjects such as anxiety or depression we can certainly talk about what next steps to take after your referral letter is complete.

Referral Letters

Gender Affirming Care

Specific appointments are set aside in an attempt to get you seen within 7 days of filling out and signing required practice documents. All paperwork can be completed electronically. You will receive your referral letter within one day of your assessment appointment and the cost for the assessment, letter, and all paperwork is $150. This includes any follow-up you may need regarding your referral letter and communication with your medical team. Click here to send a message and start the process.


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