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Letters and Assessments

Gender Affirming Care

Accommodations for Work or School

Emotional Support Animals


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Liberation Psychology
Decolonization Lens

Circle of Security Parenting
** SOGICE, CBT, and ABA are not utilized at this practice**

How to Pay - Rates and Insurance

If we are not contracted with your insurance carrier, you can choose to pay by card online (self-pay). FSA and HSA cards and payments are accepted as well. We do not provide superbills to insurance carriers we are out of network with. Using insurance comes with the requirement to disclose highly personal information. A benefit of not using insurance is that your private information has greater confidentiality because information about your sessions is not shared with your insurance company. 

Self-pay rates are:

Individual sessions (50 - 90 minutes): $125 - $225

Assessments: (depending on length and complexity) up to $350

Self/Private pay only (no insurance accepted) for those in Oregon at this time. 

We currently accept a limited amount of benefit plans in Washington state only:

WellPoint - Amerigroup


First Choice


WA State Crime Victim Compensation

Insurance can be overwhelming. Feel free to contact us with any questions here.

Along with being upfront about pricing, this practice complies with the "No Surprises Act" (2022) and supplies a written Good Faith Estimate for services. 


To set aside a time to talk about a particular life experience or skillset, consider consultation. The intention is to answer all your current questions while we co-create strategies for your goals.
We will collaborate on how often we meet and there is support between meetings while we work together. I also hope to leave you with resources for answers in the future. Consultation is not therapy and if deemed necessary, options for other providers will be offered.

Examples of consultation topics: 

  • the basics of private practice set-up

  • integrating lived-experience into environments where there is little to none 

  • navigating systems while part of them

  • utilizing self-care and decolonization into practice policies

  • DOH reports and responses 

  • documentation requirements, and more

Reach out to find out if we consult on your specific needs. 
45 minute consultation $75
75 minute consultation $140

Clinical Supervision:  check the Resource page for available anti-oppression clinical supervisors and counselors with different approaches and skill sets. You deserve the best match possible.

Click here to send us a message. 


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