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Formal Education

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) -  Behavioral Health

  • Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Human Services

  • A.A.S. - Everett Comm. College

Licenses and Service

  • LICSW - Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Washington

  • U.S. Army Veteran, Disabled

  • AFSP - 2009-2017

  • Crime Victim Crisis Line - 2019-2023

Specialty Training

  • EMDRIA EMDR trained

  • 500 RYT

  • Complex Trauma Certification

  • IFS in EMDR

  • Certified Peer Counselor, WA Health Care Authority​

  • WPATH Assessment and Letter Standards

A psychotherapist with a unique attitude towards trauma and post-traumatic growth. One who reflects on their privilege and lived experience, while understanding how Eurocentric therapy and "evidence based" modalities inform one another. Their approach uses a lens of decolonization, attunement, humor, and radical honesty. There's no expectation for you to show up perfectly or perform.

The long part:

Those who find the most success in our work together are looking for therapy that has a conversational feel rather than an evaluation. They are ready to address harmful experiences and establish a path forward, while existing in a society that prioritizes individualism and profit. As a non-pathologizing provider, diagnoses will only be used when required and with your permission. You are the authority on how you describe yourself or your experience; not me.

The therapeutic alliance between us is a privilege and essential to your success. I love what I do and am committed to the success of everyone I work with. For this reason, I meet with experienced consult groups to process clinical knowledge and the ways colonialism impacts health outcomes. I do not have colleagues that refrain from supporting human rights, ignore history, or avoid open dialogue. As an imperfect person, I am open to feedback, uncomfortable conversations, and amends. I am not open to mistreatment or dehumanization.


If we find you would get a better outcome with a different provider, I am happy to provide referrals to trusted colleagues. Some of the amazing providers I refer to can be found here.     

As a person with lived experience I am willing to offer this, with your consent, as a way to normalize the human experience and shift dynamics in oppressive systems. Finding supportive resources will be part of our work together, because my lived experience does not translate into being an expert on your situation or your only source of information. We will work together as you challenge your comfort zones and begin to realize you could and can trust yourself.  
Those who work with me can manage their schedule online and Gregorian and Colonial calendars are not used to dictate schedules. If you think we could be a good match feel free to reach out and let's taco 'bout it. If we have collaborated in the past, reach out anytime to check availability. 


More information regarding approaches and insurance can be found here.

Click here to send a message.

When I'm not finding ways to exist in late stage capitalism, I can be found living a small, private life while cherishing moments with my chosen family and friends; near and far. I also enjoy traveling, volunteering, dancing troubles away, listening to The Ink Spots, Buckethead or Missy Elliot, and finding stillness in chaos. Legislatively, I participate on subjects addressing gender based violence, foster care, as well as food and housing insecurity. I also support the Land Back movement and speak out about genocide.


Black and White Landscape
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